How about sharing your love for the City by the Sea with friends and family by giving them an Ostend gift?

There are gift vouchers for a delicious dinner, a day of shopping or even an overnight stay in Ostend. The choice is yours!



Knowing that the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach you can be safely assured that a gift voucher for a restaurant will be to everyone’s taste. The Ostend restaurant voucher, also called the Rest"O"Cheque, is the perfect gift for your friends, family or anyone else you want…


Treating someone to a holiday in Ostend? What an excellent idea! Spoil your friends, your family or whoever you want with the HotelCheque for a stay in Ostend. After all, there is always something going on in the city by the sea. Each check has a value of 25 euros. You decide yourself how many…

Shopping Vouchers

Looking for a fun, original gift for friends or family? The Shopping Voucher is a collection of gift vouchers for not one, but for several shops in Ostend. The vouchers are valid at all participating local businesses, which include clothes shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, bike shops and more…

Music record "Masqué: Songs inspired by James Ensor"

Five Belgian artists were inspired by a painting from the oeuvre of James Ensor and wrote a song around it. Arno, probably the most famous of one, gave it his all and wrote both a French and West Flemish version of his song. The other artists are Isolde Lasoen, Johannes Is His Name, SJ Hoffman…

The Crystal Ship brochure

The Crystal Ship brochure offers information and images of all street art works in Ostend. The three detailed walking routes (Belle Epoque, Centre and Oosteroever) allow you to discover some of the works on foot. Do you prefer an extended tour? Then the cycling route through the city is perfect for…