Ostend has its own TikTokTour now! This crazy TikTok tour takes you to ten highlights of our lovely City by the Sea where you can recreate fun TikTok videos.
Download the tour at www.tiktokoostende.be.

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  • Go to the TikTok locations indicated on the map.
  • Watch the dances below linked to the location.
  • Your turn! Create your own TikTok and tag #loveoostende and #TikTokOostende.

Good to know!

We've made an explanation video to help you get started. For example, in this making-of-video you can see the angle from which we filmed something, or what filter we used. Tip: TikToks can take up to 60 seconds! Challenge accepted?


Our TikTok sample videos sometimes seem to stop abruptly. Is something wrong? No! It's because in the TikTok app all videos are shown in a loop, and repeated continuously. Maybe you're watching our sample videos via our website tiktokoostende.be? That may be the reason why it sometimes looks a bit strange. Be sure to check out an example on TikTok!

Hashtag alert!

Do you want your video to be found? Be sure to use the following hashtags: #loveoostende #TikTokOostende

Download your free TikTokTour

  • 10 TikTok spots in the City by the Sea
  • Handy map
  • Use our making-of-videos to create your TikToks

1. The Crystal Ship: Jaune

No better backdrop for your first TikTok than the street art garbage men of graffiti artist Jaune!

  • How To? Stop the music every now and then while changing the backdrop. Jaune's wall has many great possibilities. When you move, the person filming puts his / her hand over the camera for a fun effect. Be sure to watch the making-of! It will make it clear when you should stop the video and when the hand should be over the camera.

Het resultaat van ons vorig filmpje! ?✌? Hoeveel verschillende achtergronden zie je? ##oostende ##TikTokOostende ##loveoostende ##fy ##foryou ##goviral

♬ #PlankChallenge - chisa2122

Wat is jouw favoriete TikTok-song? ?? Kom terug om het resultaat te zien!##loveoostende ##TikTokOostende ##Oostende ##tutorial ##fy ##foryou ##goviral

♬ origineel geluid - visitoostende

2. Adolf Buylstraat

In preparation for this TikTok, it is best to do some shopping in this renewed shopping street, or like us, you can also collect a lot of empty shopping bags.

  • How To? Find a quiet spot in the shopping street to record the first part of the TikTok. Afterwards, move to the middle of the shopping street to take up the second part with the shopping bags. After inserting, keep the text pressed to set its duration. In the second section, the shopping section, choose "Effects" - "Visuals" - "Bling".

3. The James Ensor House

Artist James Ensor lived in the house next to this new experience centre. Inside you will discover all there is to know about his work and life in Ostend. But first: Let's TikTok!

  • How To? Find the song "Colours" by Glints and learn the dance from the tutorial.

🎨 Wat is jouw favoriete kleur? Laat het weten in de reacties! ##loveoostende ##visitoostende ##fy

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

Making of van onze vorige TikTok! Ben jij al eens naar het James Ensor huis geweest? 🎨 ##ensor ##loveoostende ##visitoostende ##fy ##tutorial ##jamesensor

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

4. Monument for a Wullok

Nature provides inspiration. Dance your TikTok next to this life size shell as an ode to the sea!

  • How To? This TikTok is super easy! Just add the "halo" effect at the end for a mysterious atmosphere!

5. Mercator

Do you know the Ostend song? Put on your sailor's cap and go for it!

  • How To? This TikTok is recorded in one go. You start with the "Halo" effect and immediately after that you use "Sway". The TikTokker gives a "turn" to the camera and as a result the image rotates completely once. You don't stop filming.

🏴‍☠️ Weet jij van welke kapitein het Oostende lied is? Tip: zoek eens op YouTube 🧐🌊 ##loveoostende ##visitoostende ##fy ##Oostendelied

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

Hier is de making-of van onze vorige TikTok! 🏴‍☠️🌊 ##loveoostende ##visitoostende ##fy ##Oostendelied ##tutorial

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

6. The Crystal Ship - Helen Bur

Oh la la la! C’est magnifique! This is a TikTok for advanced users! This TikTok requires a little more concentration and camera movements. A tripod is recommended to keep the image stable.

  • How To? Start with the camera pointing slightly upwards. The TikTokker must be squatting. You start together: the TikTokker rises, the camera moves down. The TikTokker does a slide out of the picture. Then you stop filming for a while and the TikTokker moves to the other side. At the end, the camera makes one more sudden upward movement. At the beginning, about half of the TikTok uses the "70s" effect.

🎤 De making of van onze vorige TikTok. Zou je deze wel eens willen proberen? 😀##tutorial ##loveoostende ##visitoostende ##fy

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

7. Floral Clock

It’s TikTok-o-clock! On this large flower clock you can see that it is time to... show your moves!

  • How To? The person holding the camera should be actively involved in this TikTok! Why? His / her movements are just as important as your dance moves. Take a good look at the making-of to follow the different steps. The effects used are "Split-Four" and "Split-Six". Finish with a "Switch off".

? Tijd voor onze eerste TikTok! Hoe laat is het als jij deze TikTok ziet? ⏰? ##TikTokOostende ##loveoostende ##fy ##foryoupage

♬ BDASH Breathe - bdash_2

Making of van onze vorige TikTok! Hoe laat denk je dat het is op het bloemenuurwerk? ⏰? ##TikTokOostende ##loveoostende ##fy ##foryou ##tutorial

♬ Personal - HRVY

8. Thermae Palace

The unique Thermae Palace Hotel was inaugurated in 1933 by King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. Due to the unique combination of mineral water and sea water, this spa centre was once one of the most important in Europe. A majestic place worthy of a TikTok!

  • How To? As cameraman / -woman, position yourself a little further away from the stairs of Thermae Palace and aim your camera upwards. Start with the "Shake" effect, which you can find at "Visuals". Step closer and closer to the stairs and crouch down at the end to create a frog perspective. Tip: at "Filter" you can use "Cozy" for a warmer / more summery feeling.

🏠 De juiste locatie was het Thermae Palace in Oostende! Check de vorige TikTok om het resultaat te zien 😎 ##loveoostende ##visitoostende

♬ origineel geluid - LoveOostende

9. UMBRA Vertigo

These steps on the beach promenade beg for a dazzling dance. Create a TikTok here that would make even artist Léon Spilliaert proud!

  • How To? Image and sound are out of sync in this TikTok. During the sitting jumps, use the tempo effect "X3" for the sound. Then go back to the normal rhythm with the dance. Easy to make, cool effect!

? Het resultaat! Reageer met zoveel mogelijk emoji’s in je lievelingskleur ?⬇️ ##oostende ##TikTokOostende ##loveoostende ##foryoupage ##result ##fy

♬ Team SupaStar - Supastar

Making of video ?? Challenge: kunnen we de likes en reacties gelijk houden? ? Ready set go! ##visitoostende ##loveoostende ##foryou ##fy ##goviral

♬ origineel geluid - visitoostende

10. Altar

A dance with an open window on the sea. Make a TikTok with the sand between your toes and watch the backdrop change every time!

  • How To? Start as close to the Altar as possible. The cameraman/woman should be ready to walk back a bit, because  this TikTok has to be filmed in one go. At the start, pretend to push the camera away to get a nice effect. The video starts with the 'Glitch' effect, which you can find under 'Visuals'. As soon as the beat in the song starts,  let go of the effect.