The place to be(er)!

Fancy a fresh beer on a sunny terrace in the summer? Or is the strong flavour of a regional beer more to your liking? Belgium is known throughout the world for its wide selection of beers and if you are a beer adept, Ostend is really the PLACE TO BEer!


Manuscript is the favourite place of beer and music lovers: an authentic pub with a strong identity. But did you know that Manuscript has its own beer? Yes, the  "PoppoLou"!The beer is an in-house creation by owners Vanessa Demeij and Glenn Rotsaert.

Did you know...

that Ostend's well-known chocolatier Olivier Willems made a chocolate-based on PoppoLou? The "PoppoLou Rocks" won the prize for Best Chocolate in the Country in 2017!

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Café Botteltje

There is certainly no other place on the Belgian coast, or even elsewhere in Flanders for that matter, where there are so many different beers and genevers to choose from. 't Botteltje has no less than sixteen different beers on tap, from the popular Jupiler to the heavier Sint-Bernardus, but also the only Trappist white beer in the world brewed by La Trappe, Liefmans Goudenband and the delicious IPA of the Amsterdam brewery ‘t IJ.

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Beershop and city brewery 't Koelschip Oostende

Beershop 't Koelschip is the place to be for beer lovers! The shop currently has about 900 Belgian artisan beers in stock. They brew their own "Tank" beers and make their installations available to other brewers. For the true beer adept there are regular workshops, after which you can have your own creation bottled.

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De Zeegeuzen

Would you like to try a special brew with your friends in a unique sailor pub? You've come to the right place! This special brew is called a "Zeegeuze". The special ingredient that makes this beer so different remains a well-kept secret to this day. In any case, it is recommended, even for those who are not very fond of beer!

In addition to the infamous "Zeegeuze", you can of course also enjoy a large selection of regional beers.

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Beer restaurant Heerlijk

Brasserie (H)eerlijk is a pleasant surprise for every beer lover. Here you can taste all the different Trappist beers as well as other specialty beers from, for example, the Palm Breweries. Their delicious (beer) dishes such as a pork stew  cooked in Rodenbach or a delicious sabayon with Rochefort beer will delight even the most discerning culinary connoisseur.

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If Marvin Gaye were still alive, Lafayette would undoubtedly be his favourite café in Ostend. This music bar provides soul and funky music under the approving eye of Marvin himself on the wall. There is no better place than Lafayette to relax and enjoy a delicious beer.

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