Breakfast in Ostend

Do you agree that going out for breakfast is a wonderful way to start the day? Or are you not an early riser and brunch is more your thing? Breakfast or brunch, whichever you prefer,  Ostend has many places where you can enjoy delicious bread, danish, sweet toppings and savoury fillings, coffee or tea, orange juice and maybe even a glass of bubbles to celebrate a special occasion. 

You can't go wrong with the suggestions below!

Patisserie Caruso

When it comes to bread and pastries, Caruso is a household name in Ostend. From the tableware to the interior with the velvet sofas: everything exudes luxury and comfort. The bakers of Caruso are known far and wide for their delicious pistolets, typical Belgian small bread rolls. In this bakery, just off Visserskaai customers come and go from 7 am on, either to buy bread or to have breakfast on the spot. Britons who find it hard to miss their typical breakfast will be in the right place here because a hearty English breakfast is one of the house specialities. Those who prefer to keep it lighter will be spoiled for choice with a healthy breakfast consisting of lots of freshly cut fruit, muesli and yoghurt.

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Food & Coffeebar Albrecht

Albrecht is the place to be for a fantastic breakfast, crazy 'over-the-top' drinks and insanely tasty cakes. Sweet pancakes or a hearty breakfast, healthy granola bowls and even a totally pink breakfast: Albrecht always has it all on the menu. Are you a sweet tooth? Why not try one of their "freakshakes", milkshakes with lots of extras. Instagrammers, let yourself go!

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"I'll have fried eggs and an etching, please." A strange order? Yes, but possible at Expo & Kafie, because the art you see in their interior can be bought on the spot. Go for a luxurious breakfast, enjoy a homemade granola bowl or combine a toast guacamole and smoked salmon with a small savoury breakfast. In short, plenty of choice and something for everyone.

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CultuurCafé De Grote Post

The cultural centre CC De Grote Post is the beating cultural heart of Ostend. In this former post office, many a culture lover is moved and inspired by the varied performances on the programme. The Cultuurcafé De Grote Post is without exaggeration the most all-round eatery in Ostend. A great spot for an aperitif with friends, but also ideal for a business lunch. And if you want to start your day in this listed building, head there for your breakfast! Why not order "verloren brood" (lost bread, similar to French toast) or scrambled eggs with salmon, goat cheese and farmer's cheese or one of the other healthy, hearty breakfast suggestions.

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Knapp Lekker Lang

An absolute must when it comes to artisan and organic breakfasts. Vegetarians are amply served here and for those who unfortunately have to contend with allergies, an adapted, healthy breakfast is provided. The open glass structure at the back gives you the feeling of sitting in a tropical garden, even in the dead of winter. That, and their delicious products work wonders for your mood!

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Cappuccino has been an established name in Ostend for twenty years, but in 2018 the place received a thorough makeover. According to the many positive reviews, Cappuccino is not only popular for its extensive breakfasts. The friendly waiters will be happy to serve you the best pastry, cake and ice cream.

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